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Best Payroll Company in Long Beach

Integrating payroll services amongst businesses of all sizes is becoming increasingly popular. Not surprisingly, there are several different payroll service companies available, making picking the best of your options challenging. Thankfully, you can end your search because Primary Payroll is the best payroll company in Long Beach.

What Is a Payroll Service?

You can automate the processing of your year-end taxes, payroll tax statements, payroll calculations, and more with the help of a payroll service. Many companies opt for using payroll services because it helps employers meet required filing deadlines and streamline general business operations.

Who Primary Payroll Serves

Primary Payroll offers a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes.

1-5 Employees

Save yourself the time and worry of handling your payroll, tax payments, and ever-changing laws and regulations. Primary Payroll will be processing your payroll with a straightforward phone call, fax, or e-mail. We have a quick process that is easy and seamless so that you can focus your attention elsewhere in your business.

6-49 Employees

When you work with Primary Payroll, you can ensure that you are always talking to a live person, not a machine. Submit your business information online, fax, or live over the phone and instantly gain access to critical reports.

50+ Employees

The more employees, the more complicated your payroll process can become. Let Primary Payroll handle your custom reports, vacation/sick time accrual, and allocated tip reporting. We provide timely information to effectively manage your workers’ comp and benefit plans.


Primary Payroll has over twenty years of experience. We’ve worked with thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in several Business Sectors, including:

  • Technology
  • Administrative
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Elderly Care
  • Healthcare
  • Food Service

Payroll Services

Primary Payroll offers a wide range of payroll services, including:

Payroll & Reports

Choose the easiest and most convenient method of payroll input for your company, including:

  • Client Timesheet Drop-Off
  • Online entry
  • FAX
  • Time and attendance interface
  • Phone
  • Excel spreadsheet via email

With every payroll processed by Primary Payroll, you will receive in return:

  • Taxes Filed to Federal and State Authorities (EFTPS Compliance)
  • Payroll Checks
  • Tax Liability Summary
  • Employee Earning Statements
  • Payroll Registers
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Cash Analysis
  • Department Analysis

Tax Filing

Primary Payroll’s tax filings include:

  • State Annual Reconciliation Statement
  • Pay Federal and State Taxes with Each Payroll
  • State Quarterly Wage & Withholding Report
  • Quarterly Federal 941
  • Annual Federal Unemployment 940

We also provide extensive year-end preparation of tax documents, including:

  • Year-End Payroll Summary
  • 1099’s
  • W-2’s
  • W-3

Additional Services

We can create and provide additional services that fit your specific business planning needs, including, but not limited to:

  • General Ledger Posting Report (optional web access)
  • Annual Payroll Details (hard copy or CD)
  • Vacation/Sick Time Accrual Reporting
  • Employee Benefits, Section 125 and 401k Plans (offered by Primary Payroll Alliance Partners)
  • Check Signing/Stuffing
  • Web-Based Payroll Solution
  • Workers’ Comp Pay As You Go Programs (ECOMP)
  • Custom Reporting
  • Workers’ Comp Reporting
  • Allocated Tip Reporting
  • Payroll Reporting via Phone, Fax & Internet
  • Quickbooks Interface (Coming Soon)

Why Choose Primary Payroll Services

Primary Payroll Services is a smaller company, which means we have the luxury of dedicating ourselves wholly to our clientele rather than getting lost in the shuffle with the larger corporations. At Primary Payroll Services, you will always receive our highest levels of customer service.

Let our payroll experts at Primary Payroll Services assist you with selecting the right payroll services for your business needs. Call us at 562-595-0066 or request a free quote online.

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