Federal and state regulations are always changing. For an employer it’s difficult to remain on top of what’s going on, and you could be left vulnerable due to new payroll laws. To help you be compliant, we’ve compiled a few tips for you to follow.

Invest in automated payroll processing. Most quality payroll software allows you to quickly configure new rules and properly implement changes as they occur.

Use a payroll service who can handle the entire process for you. Services like Primary Payroll are always fully knowledgeable about important changes to payroll laws. By using these services, you won’t need to worry about being compliant, as they take care of the payroll process.

Have a flexible payroll system that will allow you to accommodate new laws. While “flexible” isn’t a word commonly associated with payroll, flexibility will allow you to adapt to new changes as they happen. Due to our tools, experience and knowledge of regulations, Primary Payroll gives you flexibility to handle new payroll laws. Contact Primary Payroll today.

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