Before you know it, you’ll be back in the middle of tax season. And as we move towards worrying about tax season, it’s crucial you know the common tax scams and how you can avoid them. 

Fake calls from the IRS 

Be wary of phone calls from “The IRS”. Scammers are able to spoof their caller ID, which allows them to easily pose as any government agency. During these calls, scammers will swindle their victims by claiming they “owe money” and will give them a way to “pay their debt”. This scam is easily avoidable when you know: 

  • The IRS will always send you a mail letter before they call. 
  • The IRS will never demand you pay taxes without the chance to question or appeal the amount owed. 
  • The IRS will never request you pay with a credit/debit card over the phone

Phishing and malware

Phishing and malware incidents are on the rise, and it’s a common way for scammers to pose as the IRS. Fake emails pretending to be from the IRS will have a link to a website for you to “pay what you owe”. Many of these websites will look official, as they mimic the appearance of the real IRS web page. However, the IRS will never initiate contact by email or text. They will always mail a letter first. 

These scams can target business owners and individuals alike. Know what to look for, and always review things with a critical eye before you become an unwitting victim. 

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