The COVID-19 Outbreak has hammered countless businesses, derailed their plans and projections for the year, and plunged them into a cloud of uncertainty for the future. In today's business environment, every dollar counts, which is why we are doing something unprecedented: We are offering your 1st month of our payroll service completely free.

What to Expect from Primary Payroll 

Save time, reduce stress. Handling payroll is a worrisome activity. So many different regulations pop up every year, the process is exhaustive, and honestly it’s a poor use of your time as a business owner. If you pass the keys to our team, you can save a great deal of time and remove this headache from your business. 

Robust technology and capabilities. Primary Payroll is at the forefront of cutting edge tech to keep your payroll flowing smoothly. But though our services leverage the power of tech, the backbone of our company is our employees who work incredibly hard to make sure each client is satisfied— from customer service to service fulfillment. 

Detailed reporting. With every payroll, you will receive payroll checks, employee earning statements, cash analysis, payroll registers, and much more. This allows you to intimately understand your payroll. 

Primary Payroll is excited to offer your first month of payroll services on the house. Contact us today to get started. 

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