Common Questions We Receive All The Time…With Our Answers


1. How many years has Primary Payroll in business?  

We’ve been in business for over 16 years with the owner having over 30 years of experience in Payroll. Average time for each employee in the business is 17+ years. 


2. Who’s going to handle my account? 

Your account will be serviced by a dedicated payroll specialist. We don’t use voicemail. We have a method to ensure your information, whether transferred via phone, fax or e-mail is handled fast and efficiently. 


3. What is the price? 

We guarantee that we will beat anybody’s legitimate price. Our prices are generally 20-40% lower than our competitors. 


We’ve been able to streamline our services with proven professionals and the latest in payroll technology. 


4. How can I get payroll to you? 

We have capabilities to do it any way you’d like. Phone, fax and in-person. And yes, we have the capability to do payroll over the internet. 


5. How do you handle taxes? 

Your taxes are sent through the latest government approved EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) to ensure security, accuracy and timeliness of your payment. 


6. What services do you offer?  

We offer a wide range of reporting packages - everything your bookkeeper, your banking and you need to keep to stay on top of payroll, worker’s comp, PTO (Paid time off), tax compliance, direct deposit, certified payroll, TEFRA, etc.  

Our services can be tailored to specific industries so that you can rest assured all of your needs are being exceeded. 


7. Can my or our Accountant receive payroll information?  

We have a service that provides the ability for you or your bookkeeper and/or accountant to access your information on a secure webpage. 


8. What is the minimum amount of employees needed to be on your service? 

Whether you are a 1-person company or have 1,000 employees, we can do it, fast, efficient and effectively. 


9. Are you insured?  

We are fully insured. And we guarantee the accuracy of our work.  


10. When is the best time to start? 

Anytime. Our process is seamless. Just provide your current payroll and answer a few questions. We'll do the rest. 


11. How do we get our payroll? 

We have 24 hr turnaround via courier service, UPS or USPS. 


12. Can you do payroll in other states? 



13. Do you have something that downloads into Quickbooks? 

We will have that capability in the near future. 


14. Do you interface with “Time & Attendance” systems? 

We seamlessly interface with most Time & Attendance systems.  


With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve combined the best established processes and latest technology to make your payroll experience with us seamless and reliable. More...


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