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Over the past 15 years, payroll has undergone significant and critical changes. Having the power to manage or execute your payroll using our advanced products, technology, and process will put unparalleled power and control in your hands. Whether you choose to call in your payroll or use our proprietary cloud-based technology, rest assured your payroll will be done seamlessly and efficiently.

Your Dedicated Representative

Every one of our clients has a dedicated payroll representative available to answer any and every question you have. Your dedicated specialist is knowledgeable in many business environments and available for your call between 9:00-4:30pm Monday through Friday. We’re old fashion that way, we pick up our phones.

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Primary Payroll Employer on the Go

As a small business, you depend on a partner that offers tailored payroll services and features to optimize your performance.

Our exclusive cloud-based payroll system, Employer on the Go, empowers you to manage your payroll effortlessly from any location or device. It’s convenient, reliable, easy to use, and extremely flexible. As a small business, you depend on a partner that offers tailored payroll services and features to optimize your time and business.

Features & Benefits of Employer on the Go

Below is a brief overview of all of the features you get with Employer on the Go.

  • Real-time processing
  • Payroll tax compliance
  • Seamlessly add or edit employees
  • Unlimited earning and deduction codes
  • Customize solutions for wide variety of businesses
  • Customized payroll for tipped employees
  • Access to hundreds of payroll reports
  • Access to check calculator that provides net-to-gross or gross-to-net computation

Primary Payroll’s My Employer on the Go (MyGO)

The future of employee payroll experience is here – in the digital-first world. Equip your employees with the information and data they need, when they need it, and on their device of choice. The employee self-service experience defines the employee/employer replationship, so with MyGO, you’re destined to engage and empower your employees to provide what they need in a modern and intuitive experience, anytime, from anywhere.

Key Features & Benefits of the MyGo Platform

There are many features of the myGO platform that will enable you to streamline payroll processes and help your business succeed.

  • Access via mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Paystub History and W2/1099
  • Timekeeping and Approvals
  • GPS Timekeeping via mobile app
  • Time Off Requests
  • Electronic document storage
  • Unlimited earning and deduction codes
  • Company Policy Acknowledgement
  • Employee Calendar with PTO & Holidays
  • Company Announcements

The Onboarding Power is in Your Hands

Utilize comprehensive tools to manage new hires throughout the entire onboarding process.

  • Client-configured step-by-step process
  • Support of embedded videos and photographs
  • Custom welcome step(s)
  • Client-defined custom steps
  • Direct deposit set up
  • W4/I9 Forms
  • Company Policy Acknowledgements
  • Any eSign documents
Primary Payroll Services - Employee Onboarding
Mineral HR Solutions

Free Yourself to Focus on Your Business

Running a business is challenging, especially with the complexity of the ever-changing employment laws and best practices in California.  Researching everything on your own can be enough to overwhelm anyone.  By combining experts from HR with those in technology, Mineral by Primary Payroll provides you with the power to do what’s right by your employees, simply, easily and efficiently.

We’ve Got Your Back

Mineral by Primary Payroll is akin to having your own Human Resource and compliance watchdog.  Keep up to date and informed on the changing employment regulations federally and statewide.

More Than Just A Simple HR Package

We understand HR and compliance are complex.  The combination of cutting-edge technology and human experience will help your small business solve HR and compliance problems on the same level as larger companies with dedicated HR departments.

Built With Flexibility and the Unique Ability to Personalize

The road every business takes to success is different.  Mineral by Primary Payroll provides the power and flexibility to navigate the winding path with customized tools, advice and human support that will greatly help you tackle problems that will come up.

Take advantage of a powerful tool that provides the flexibility and power that meets the moment every company experiences as they begin to scale, grow and add strength in the marketplace.

E-Comp Now - Workers' Compensation

Primary Payroll’s Pay As You Go Workers’ Comp

At Primary Payroll, we understand your time is valuable, that’s why we teamed up with E-Comp Now and turned an arduous and complicated process of purchasing business insurance and workers’ comp into a lightning-fast activity. Tap into a powerful technology that lets you shop the insurance marketplace and choose the solution(s) that best fit your goals with the added advantage of paying workers’ comp with each payroll instead of yearly, bi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.

E-Comp Now is a national broker that works with the top 50+ insurance companies in order to properly serve and protect what matters most to you.

Put the power of pay-as-you-go workers’ comp on your side:

  • Get insurance quotes from the best insurance companies in the country in minutes
  • Eliminate a down payment on your workers’ compensation policy
  • Minimize your insurance claims through loss control and safety
  • Mitigate insurance claims through loss control and safety
  • Reduce your experience modification through claims management
  • Reduce your audit exposure

Using decades of best practices and mixing it with today’s most advanced insurance technology, E-Comp Now is always looking to “un-complicate” what many have experienced as an unruly, outdated approach to workers’ comp. Contact us today to learn more and to get a hassle-free quote!

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